Evergreen Technologies (P) Ltd. has pioneered the development manufacturing of Chevron (Vane), Mesh Pad & Fibre-Bed Mist Eliminators in India

The Mesh Pad mist eliminators (Evermesh) are the most widely used mist eliminators (or “Demisters”) since they provide an optimum combination of efficiency and pressure drop at low costs. In addition, Chevron or Vane type mist eliminators (Everon) provide a lower pressure drop and a greater resistance to plugging than the Evermesh mist eliminators. For finely divided sub-micronic mists, such as sulphuric acid mists, Fibre Bed mist eliminators (Everfibre) or Candle Filters are manufactured.

Demister - Mist Eliminator - Entrainment Separator for optimum separation of mist and entrained liquids from any vapour stream.

Sinusoidal Baffle Geometry with open construction available in Vertical & Horizontal flow configuration.

Everfibre Bed Mist Eliminators are used to provide the highest possible collection efficiency for process or process conditions requiring stringent performance.