EVERPACK SM COLUMN PACKING is the sheet metal version of the popular EVERPACKWM (wire mesh) and HYFLUX (knitted wiremesh) PACKING. Their development is apart of EVERGREENS continuous &comprehensive development program to improve column packing performance.

EVERPACK SM is supplied in modules which consists of parallel layers of uniquely designed embossed sheet metal strips which are corrugated and arranged vertically. These modules are then stacked with an alternating 90 degree orientation of every other layer which gives a good lateral distribution of liquid The embossed metal strips help to draw the liquid in all directions into a thin film and provides a marked improvement in uniform wetting of the packing bed. With the improved internal liquid distribution, a high volumetric mass transfer efficiency is achieved and low pressure drop is maintained. Also because liquid is evenly distributed through the packing as a thin film, the total liquid hold-up in the packing is substantially reduced.

The standard packing version has specific surface area of 250 m 2 /m 3 (EVERPACK SMY 250). However, other variants with specific surface areas of 125 m 2 /m 3 (SMY 125), 175 m 2 /m 3 (SMY 175), 350 m 2 /m 3 (SMY 350), 500 m 2 /m 3 (SMY 500),750 m 2 /m 3 (SMY 750) & X crimp (60 degree crimp alignment) are also In addition to the column packing, we also design and manufacture high efficiency column internals (distributors, collectors, support grids etc.) Good initial distribution together with systematic redistribution is critical to optimum tower performance.


EVERPACK SM Series of packings display excellent performance haracteristics. For example, EVERPACK SMY 250 provides :-

upto 3 theoretical stages per meter of packed heights in the normal operating range and upto 4 stages at low gas loads.
large operating range with a high separation efficiency upto high F factors.
low specific pressure drop (below 1 mbar per theoretical stage)

Performance curves for EVERPACK SMY 250 as well as the other packing versions are available on request


Vacuum Distillation… where relatively low pressure drop is critical to maintaining low bottom temperatures to reduce products degradation.
Atmospheric operations… where a large number of theoretical stages are required and/or where there are restrictions to overall column height.
Debottlenecking/energy reduction programs… with the advantages of a high efficiency packing used to reduce reflux requirements and increase throughputs.
Increase product purity… this is possible due to availability of more equilibrium stages from same size column.